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Henry’s Tech Advice #4 - RSS Feeding @ Henry the Adequate
My name is Henry the Adequate, and I am a superhero
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  • Henry’s Tech Advice #4 - RSS Feeding

    Posted on June 28th, 2006 Ben 4 comments

    Hair Removal Products asks: “Anybody know how we get an RSS feed for this blog? I am not very tech savvy and would really like to get updated info on this blog. Thanks!”

    Well, Hair, you’ve come to the right place. I, Henry the Adequate, superhero, happen to be something of an expert on RSS feeding, not to mention savvys. You don’t mind if I call you “Hair”, do you? I mean I was going to use “Mr Products”, but then if you’re female that might be kind of awkward.

    Anyway, the best way to remove RSS from your hair is by applying generous quantities of Henry’s Miracle Tonic, available at a supermarket near you.

    Now, as to RSS Feeding - Firstly let me point out that RSS is a highly toxic chemical, and must not be given to infants, unless you really really want to. Please see the advisory here:

    If you do insist on using RSS, I recommend some kind of protective gear - perhaps one of those hazardous chemical suits, or a condom. Also please install Norton Antivirus, because it will surely block all nasty viruses, backdoors, and rootkits not officially sanctioned by the RIAA or Microsoft.

    Now that you have taken the necessary precautions, you can begin to deploy very small quantities of RSS as follows:

    In Firefox 1.5: Navigate to the web page whose link you’d like to add (for example: then click on the little picture thingy that looks like a satellite dish at the end of the address thingy bit. In earlier versions of Firefox the satellite thingy will be in the bottom right of the Firefox window.

    Internet Explorer: Holy cow! You must act now to save your soul from almost certain destruction! Click on This link, download Firefox, install, see instructions above.

    Akregator: Click “Feed”, then “Add Feed”, then type, or copy and paste, the following: Now click Ok.

    Liferea: Click the “+” button on the toolbar. Type, or copy and paste, as above.

    Remember, RSS an extremely powerful substance - use only as directed and see your doctor if symptoms persist beyond a few days. I must go now - got some RSS in my wrist from all this typing.

    Need help with computer stuff? Henry can help. I promise a timely and definitive response to any technical question asked in the comments here.

    promise - vaguely suggest that something might happen, if you’re really really lucky.
    timely - If it occurs at all it will be within the context of the space-time continuum.
    definitive - My response may contain some definitions, such as these.


    4 responses to “Henry’s Tech Advice #4 - RSS Feeding”

    1. Prudent today, aren’t we, condoms, root(kits), precaution…where’s the passion? the explosion? the flamethrower? and not a single hint of pizza

    2. Showing off are we?

    3. As an unhappy but nevertheless still attached IE user, I’d like to trust you entirely, completely, and thoroughly and dump the whole damned thing for a little firefox or - or opera, even. Something.

      But I am getting older by the second and already forced to change too much and have managed to rid my vocabulary of most of its profanity and I’m thinking a new browser - if it gives me any trouble like IE 6 did - will reduce me to stuff no one wants to be reduced to.

      In short, changing my browser has become an issue and all your kind words seem to have no affect. can you give it another shot, please? Say something … I don’t know… more persuasive? Thank you.

    4. Lorraine:

      Yes. :)

      I will see what I can do. Stay tuned for some kind of article at a weblog near you. Possibly even a series of articles. A mega blockbuster series.