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Henry’s Fedora Core 5 Install Guide @ Henry the Adequate
My name is Henry the Adequate, and I am a superhero
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  • Henry’s Fedora Core 5 Install Guide

    Posted on May 11th, 2006 Ben 29 comments

    So, you’d like to install the latest Fedora Linux thingy. Well I, Henry the Adequate, superhero, am here to help. Soon you will discover that even an idiot can install this great operating symptom.

    What is Fedora?
    Fedora is this operating symptom made by some guy called Colonel Linux. I think this is a different Colonel to the one who makes that chicken stuff, although I suppose it could be the same guy but using a different screen name. Anyway, Colonel Linux got some of his mates together and they made Fedora, and they named it after the Colonel’s hat.

    Getting Fedora
    Yes, that’s a good idea.

    Starting the Computer
    This is really technical. You probably need some geek person to help you with it…. What’s that? You’re still stuck on the previous step? Ok, then…

    Getting Fedora(reprise)
    If you have a friend who is a computer guru like me, you can ask him/her to make Fedora CDs for you. This is not nearly as technical as starting your computer, but is still pretty tricky all the same, so you should probably not try it yourself. If you do not have a computer guru friend, then Fedora can be purchased from

    Beginning the Installation
    Put the first CD into the computer. If you do not have a CD ROM drive in your computer the disc can be safely folded to fit into your floppy drive, especially if you have one of those 2.88MB IBM floppy drives.

    Restart the computer. Wait a bit. Hopefully the next thing you see will be a screen that says “Fedora”, with a funny looking “f” next to it. I’m not sure what the “f” stands for. Could be “free”, or “Ferocious Dog - Enter at own risk”. I certainly hope it doesn’t stand for the F word - that would not be very classy.

    Anyway, Just hit the “enter” key, and you’ll be asked if you want to “begin testing CD media”. The other day I was playing some music on my computer and the CD skipped, probably because of some scratches or something, but I thought it would be best for me to choose “skip” at this screen, just to be on the safe side. You should probably do the same thing because you can’t be too careful.

    The next thing may be something about devices. I’m not really very good at keeping notes, so… whatever. Just go “Ok”, or “Next”, or “Continue”, or whatever. sometimes it is even “Forward”. Yes I know this stuff is confusing. Keep clicking on whichever of those is showing and you’ll most likely be ok.

    Soon you’re going to be asked to select a languge to learn while you’re waiting for the operating system to be installed. I chose “Chinese(simplified)”, because that sounded pretty easy. Fedora may be a great operating symptom, but let me tell you right now - as a language tutor it sucks. There was all this chinese all over the screen, with no translations whatsoever. Very disappointing. I restarted the computer, and next time chose “English”, because I’m pretty sure I can learn that one. Then I clicked “Next”. Remember, if you’re not sure about something, or if you’re not up to the bit I’m talking about, just keep clicking “Next”.

    Partitioning the Hard Drive
    Pretty soon you’ll come to the next really important bit, which is partitioning. Partitioning just means deciding which “part” of the computer will hold Fedora. That’s where they get the name from. It is important at this point to choose the hard drive, because the motherboard does not have enough room on it on account of all the cables and other stuff. You could put it on the chipset, but that would make the chips soggy.

    Also, if you have any version of Microsoft Windows on the computer it’s best to choose the option to wipe the entire drive. This is because the viral nature of Windows will cause it to leak over onto the Fedora partition. That would be very dangerous, and might even result in an explosion, or a fire. Fire is beautiful. I love fire…. Anyway…

    Network Setup
    The Network Setup bit is highly technical and really quite confusing, unless you’re a superhero computer guru like me. So, to help the un-guru-like understand this extremely difficult subject, I have defined a few of the terms you will find on this screen.

    • Network: Ask yourself this - “Does the net work?” Well, if you’re able to check your email, or if you can read this page, then the net does indeed work. This means you can just click “Next”.
    • eth0: Uh… This has something to do with ethics. Just some kind of legal mumbo jumbo. You can ignore it.
    • dhcp: “Does Henry Create Peace”. Damn right.
    • hostname: This is the name of the host. Generally speaking, though, a dinner party is not really the right time to be installing Fedora, because of all the distractions. Explain to your host that you must go home soon to finish some very important work stuff. Then get drunk and proposition the hostess. Throw up in the umbrella stand. Get into a fight or two. Stagger home bleeding, drunk, and prepared for an all-night installfest. When you’re ready, click “Next”.
    • automatic: Now this sounds like the one for me. Click “Next” dammit.

    Choosing a password for root
    In this context root does not refer to the sexual act. In fact it refers to the administrator - you know, the guy who fills out all the paperwork. You can choose any password you like here. I chose ******** because my keyboard is broken and that is the only password that seemed to work, but you should probably go with something else.

    Choosing Software
    Software refers to stuff that does stuff on your computer. You don’t really need it, so I’d recommend just clicking “Next” here. You’ll see this bar going accross, with a lot of weird writing flashing by underneath it. I think this has something to do with the language tutor which, as I have already mentioned, is broken. Pity. I would have liked to learn Chinese.

    Rebooting the Computer
    There are times when your computer may benefit from a good swift kick. This is not one of them. Just click on “Reboot”.

    License Agreement
    Don’t you just hate those fascist rule mongers who try to tell you what you’re allowed to do with your computer stuff. Just click “Next”, sorry, “Forward”, because you really have no choice.

    Firewall Configuration
    This is just like the firewall in your car. It prevents you from becoming injured if the computer happens to spontaneously combust. Don’t laugh. It happens. It happend to me the other night, when I was cleaning the hair-trigger on my flamethrower. The computer just burst into flames for no readily apparent reason.

    SELinux Settings
    You only need to worry about this if your computer is facing precisely South East, and even then only if you happen to be a North Going Zax. Such a situation is so rare that I will just gloss over this section and say “Please click Forward.”

    I do so understand it.

    You need to choose your favourite revolution. I wanted to choose the French one, because of all the chopping of heads, but it just listed some numbers, possibly years, and I couldn’t remember the correct dates for the French revolution. So I just accepted the defaults and clicked “Forward”. I miss “Next”. It was shorter to type.

    System User
    Now you create a username for using the computer. Once again Fedora only accepts ******** as the password. Weird, and not very secure. Nice one guys.

    Sound Card
    This is a rather plain little application for listening to music. Their choice of music sucks though. Pity.

    The End
    Now you have installed Fedora Core 5, and can begin to enjoy it’s linuxy goodness. Congratulations. In my next brilliant Linux article I might tell you about some of the great programs in Fedora, and how you can use them to be more productive. Or maybe I’ll just tell you about the time I defeated the Robot Lords of Chaos armed only with a cheap mp3 player thingy. Yes, that sounds like a good idea.


    29 responses to “Henry’s Fedora Core 5 Install Guide”

    1. I understood that. Give me a minute…

    2. That’s it.

      I’m not linking to Henry anymore as he obviousely isn’t using Debian anymore. This isn’t or something like that.

    3. Yer enormous ‘B’ brains is makin’ mine hurt…Owww.

    4. Lorraine:
      You are so damn clever.

      It was just a one night stand. Honest. Actually I am currently, and temporarily, an Ubuntu user

      It is not nice having a sore brain. Sometimes my brain hurts too. I hope yours gets better soon.

    5. My gosh you must have copied and pasted this one!!!

    6. Well it’s true I don’t normally use quite so many words, but no, it is not copy and paste.

    7. I have been using Ubuntu for like 2 and a half weeks! Woo!

      I’m sticking with it this time becuase Ubuntu is easy for us untechie people who have techie people available at all times so they can make your microsoft (really) mouse and keyboard word and other important shit.

      Now tell me…how do you get quicktime for linux? Mr. Techie Dude gave up and told me I don’t need it which I really do but he’s being a pain.

      Thanks in advance.

    8. work. not word. word doesn’t work on linux and it sucks too.

    9. For non-techie people, Ubuntu must be a nightmare.

      I would suggest pclinuxos as a far better newbie option.

    10. Miss Ann:
      apt-get install w32codecs
      Won’t give you Quicktime, but will give you the Quicktime codecs for use in other media players.

      VLC can probably also play Quicktime files. Ditto Mplayer, though Mplayer seems to be broken in the Ubuntu repositories at the moment.

      Can Quicktime be installed in WINE? Probably not. I am too lazy to find out.

      For non-techie people Windows is a nightmare. Apparently they don’t mind nightmares.

    11. that wine thing isn’t something he says I need. I’ll see about those codecs tho.

      Ubuntu is not a nightmare. It’s keeping me on Linux where Mandrake and Redhat (and piles of other ones I can’t remember the names of) couldn’t.

      If it wasn’t so easy and user friendly, I’d have ditched it by now. I’m not whatchacall and easy adapter.

      Thanks, Ben!

    12. You’re welcome.
      BTW to get the w32codecs you need to add something like this to your /etc/apt/sources.list
      deb sid main

      apt-get update
      apt-get install w32codecs

    13. You are right Fedora-5is great distribution. Fast to run. However I did face some difficultiesduring installation in case you wanted to add or remove programme. Instead of CD it went to Internet

    14. I don’t know….I like this operating symptom but it uses a funny name (yummy) for my two favourite commands ‘apt-get laid’ and ‘apt-get high’.

    15. Unmukt:
      I can see how that could be a problem.

      Don’t forget ‘apt-get install bum’.
      PS There really is a package called ‘bum’. Look it up. **giggle**

      I am so not juvenile. Shut up.

    16. Excellent read!
      Thanks for making me laugh a lot.
      I’m eager to translate it to Spanish and give it to all my Windows-using friends.

    17. Fabian:
      You’re welcome. I graciously accept any incoming links. Even from porn sites. Actually, especially from porn sites.

      How come porn sites don’t link to me anyway. It’s not fair.

    18. [...] इसी बीच फेडोरा ने अपना पांचवां संस्करण निकाल दिया| इसकी सी.डी. लिनेक्स फौर यू पत्रिका ने अपनी मई २००६ अंक के साथ भेजी है| फेडोरा-५ को कमप्यूटर पर लोड करने के अनुभव यहां मिलेंगे| मुझे फेडोरा-५ को लोड करने मे कैसा लगा और क्या मुशकिल पड़ी वह मैने इसी जगह टिप्पणी के रूप मे लिख दी है| Explore posts in the same categories: सौफ्टवेर [...]

    19. HELP… How come I have 5 disks but the install seems to be done after the 2nd disk. I am installing over ubuntu, does this have anything to do with it??? And I loved the orig Blog, the read was funny, thanks for the laugh, needed it.

    20. Hi Laura.

      First I should point out that the correct place to ask questions about installing Fedora is over on the Fedora forums, wherever they are… I looked at, which pointed me to, which pointed to… This may be the actual forums. (Are you sure you don’t want to stick with Ubuntu?)

      Having said that, Fedora provides a bucket load of software (bucket load is a technical term, meaning “Lots”), most of which are not installed by default. The installer will only ask for the CDs it needs for the programs that have been selected.

    21. Oh my god, you rock so much. :-D

      Hahahaha. :-D I love this thing. :-)


    22. Miss Ann:
      If you need to play quicktime content in firefox or mozilla, install mplayerplug-in. in fedora core 5, you can install it with yum install mplayerplug-in. i don’t know about debian distros, but apt-get install mplayerplug-in should work.

      Debain users, here’s something that may be interesting to you:
      I wanted to try debian and tried installing it on my comp, but it did not recognise SATA drives. So I gave up.

      Vedant Lath


    24. Vedant Lath:
      I use mplayer plugin on Debian. Works fine. As I already mentioned the Mplayer package in Ubuntu is broken at the moment - dependency problem.

      I use Debian etch on a SATA drive at work, so, you know, YMMV

      I have an uncle called Bill. Does that count? PS No need to shout - I am not THAT old.

    25. [...] So, when I hear a cry for help, I can do nought but respond with all the speed of a really fast superhero. “HELP… How come I have 5 disks but the install seems to be done after the 2nd disk. I am installing over ubuntu, does this have anything to do with it???” asks Laura over here. [...]

    26. [...] Well, I finally got around to installing Fedora Core 5 and what a pleasure it was.  It went much smother than Ubuntu Dapper, especially with the help of Fedorafaq.  That site made installing all the plugins and media players a breeze except for the java plugin for  firefox.  The 64 bit version still does not exist.  Come on guys get with the program will you.  Any way if want a fun tuturial (ha ha ha) on install Fedore Core 5 check out Henry the Adequate for a nice and simple method.  You really have to like this distro with the ease of installation and all the community help that comes along with it.  Personally I think it is one of the best distrobutions out there.  Although I do like Ubuntu alot for ease of use. [...]

    27. HI ,
      Great, great, great ! I’ve never read so funny technical user guide for installing such thing !
      Thank you SuperHero ! I’ ve tried Ub….., and SlackW… and Gent… and Aur.. and mandr.. too, but you’re right about the Fifth Core, it works on my daughter’s Acer computer, on my travel mate (including WIFI), it works well on Any Machine from Pithecanthrope’s time to NowDays :o), and so on!…
      The best linux thing witch occured to me was discovering FC4, and the lot of stuff with tuning it, a few nightmares and bloody days (newbie life), survival after 70’s , escaped through an open Window to join an other world about computing. Exploring among my mountains of datas, I find for you that :
      French Revolution was at July the 14th of 1789, I was’nt present but it was !
      So let’s remenber the Fedora FC5 was born on 2006 and Henry the Adaquate wrote adequately a ‘comic treatee’ about ‘How to do the THING go on’ !!!
      THanks !

    28. Can’t get my Belkin wireless network card to work with FC5 - any suggestions?

    29. I have a small piece on using the Belkin card with FC5, nothing much but it’s a start.